PeaceWin is a non-government, not for profit making, social development organization. It works with marginalized groups, especially children and women for promotion and practices of their social, economic, cultural rights. It addresses on program integration and mainstreaming of social issues: gender & caste discriminations, child marriage, anti-tobacco, HIV & AIDS Chhaupadi and structural governance/ social accountability. 
After the restoration of democracy in 1991, Nepalese society became free and people became aware their roles and responsibilities toward their own development. Village people were gathered and stated to unite as group for development activities. PeaceWin, Bajura is a leading Non- governmental organization working in the Far-Western Development Region. It was established locally in 2047 B.S (1990 AD) at Atichaur VDC-4, Oligaon and registered in District Administration Office (DAO) office in B.S. 2049 Paush 5 (20 December 1992 AD).


“PeaceWin envisions developing equitable well-off society.” Every child & woman of PeaceWin working areas of Nepal fully enjoyed with basic human rights & development facility. Ensured opportunity and self-esteem of human being by eliminating all forms of injustice and discrimination based on caste, gender, class, age, property. All will be entertained the well-off life in friendly social relations, justice and equality.


To strengthen and improve the capacity and capability of civil society organizations to promote child rights, enhance the participation of women in decision making 
Advocacy and lobby for policy to develop responsible, accountable, transparent, gender sensitive society.Participation of children & women in procedures of social transformationStrengthening the institutional governance capacity of local bodies and civil societies.


Promote & practice of children and women rights, good governance enhancing their potentiality

  • Advocacy for access to justice, gender & human rights, good governance, peace culture & responsibility through media partnership
  • Improve access of all to the qualitative services of education and health
  • Develop and mobilize community volunteers for creation inclusive development practices
  • Support for the livelihood of youth & marginalized groups through reconstruction, vocational education & self-reliance opportunity


The main objective is to make peaceful and prosperous society along with making better life for children and women irrespective the race, caste, ethnicity, political agenda, profit motive,religion.
Promote and practice the Child and Women RightsWork for just, accountable, self sustained and equitable society along with enhancing the women’s participation in decision making processConduct youth initiative programmes for productive, creative skill based activities along with cooperative based enterprisesTo work for making better environment considering the issues of disaster, environment as well as community sanitation, infrastructure development and management


Peace win is working in Child Rights Education, Women and Youth Leadership, Good Governance, Evironment management and disaster response, Economic Development and Health and sanitation.

About Us

Date of establishment : 2047/07/10 (1990)
Legal status : Registrationdistrict : Bajura
Registration date/ Number : 2049/09/05 ( 20 Dec 1992)/03/2049)
Address: Badimalika, Martadi , Bajura
Contact Person: Mr. Lal Bahadur Oli
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