Ms. Meenakshi Dahal
Address: Bagdole 4, Lalitpur
Phone Number:9851084188, 015548967 (res)
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Skype: meenakshi010

Meenakshi Dahal, PhD Scholar, has worked as an early child development expert and child rights advocates for the past fifteen years. Her research interests focus on early reading, child rights, child development, instructional design and quality of education. She is a trainer, a researcher, a presenter, and a teacher. She has involved in designing policies, strategies, guidelines, programs, training packages and resource books / materials on ECCD, child rights, basic education focusing on girls’ enrollment and inclusiveness in ECED centers and schools. She has carried out a number of research projects and presented about it in various national and international Seminars. She has written a book, chapters in various books and articles in national and international journals. She has received recognition as an “Emerging Leader” and also working as an Ambassador for Decade of Childhood.