Dr. Mukunda P. Kshetree
Joint Secretary
Address: Kalanki 14, Sangam Colony
Phone Number:9851099530
E-mail address: mukun_da@hotmail.com

Skype: mukun_da@hotmail.com

Mr. Kshetree started his career as an educator of teachers from twenty years back and then remarkably developed his career as a master trainer, project manager, education consultant and researcher. He has been involved in education colleges/universities and different divisions of Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal for the preparation of teachers’ competency based curriculum and training packages/manuals, self learning materials, preparation of student-support materials (Books, Cassettes, Radio programs, publication of study-materials in national daily newspapers) and involved in teaching through Nepal Television.
Mr. Kshetree, a familiar figure of ECD sector of Nepal, has a long experience of working in the capacity of ECD-Project Manager as well. He has successesfully conducted nearly a dozen national level educational researches and presented them in various national and international forums with recommendations. He has also supervised about three dozen academic dissertations of the students of masters degree level. He is also the co-writer of more than two-dozen of educational books, and numerous articles. He has been rewarded by the national education award as well. He has made nearly a dozen trips in different countries as study visits. Further, he has been involved in some non-governmental organizations of Nepal in different means which have been working in the children’s sector for their better and secured future.