Alliance for Early Childhood Development Nepal (AECDN)

In Nepal, there has recently been an unprecedented expansion of early childhood care and education services. The Government of Nepal is committed to expand access and increase the quality of early childcare and education services nationwide. Its commitments are visibly reflected in the new Constitution of Nepal, eighth amendment of the Education Act and the School Sector Development Plan (SSDP). However, the major challenges associated with the development of consistent, quality early childcare and education in the country are related to: lack of an integrated program for holistic development of children; lack of childcare program for children from conception to below 4 years of age; inadequate professional training and low level of motivation of the facilitators; and more importantly, lack of a strong network between the government, communities, NGOs and INGOs to advocate for integrated holistic early childcare and education programs, and lack of activities to undertake coordinated actions. Read more


All young children in the country grow up in stimulating, protective and

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AECDN works as a proactive civil society organization that creates opportunities

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The major goal of the network is to bring together experts, policy

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“Partnering to promote a holistic approach to changing the lives of young children in Nepal”